Our fine-tuned process starts with understanding YOUR needs. Each project will be uniquely different because you need to stand out in your market. Take a look at our proven phases and then see them in action.



We think creatively for you. A website needs to appeal to your audience and appropriately represent your business, company, or non-profit. Whether it’s big and bold or sleek and elegant, our team of designers will incorporate your identity or create one for you.


We begin each project with a planning phase. Our team meets with you to discover individual needs, wants, and vision for your site. We review your site goals, analyze your target audience, and research your brand. By doing this, we create a concept that fits, whether it’s updating a current website strategy or implementing a complete web development.


We begin making the foundation once we have a good idea of what our client needs. Before we start the design process, we create a wire frame, outlining the interface elements, site organization, and navigation. As we gather the content from you, we have a better idea of the pages and copywriting needed later on.

Design Template

With our research completed and goals outlined, it’s time for the designers to have a little fun. We create unique design templates for you to choose the look and feel you like best. We’ll gather feedback from you and make revisions if needed. Once you finalize the design considering flow and functionality, we move on to the development stage.

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We craft smart websites that provide a strong online presence in a competitive market while our CMS (Content Management System) lets you have the control. And what’s a home without a strong foundation? Finely-tuned code makes our sites dependable, driving people to what’s important – your information. Did we mention our Content Management System allows you the power of content editing?


As our design mockup becomes a fully functioning website, our programmers use compliant HTML and CSS. We pay extra attention to presenting your information. We work with you to fill the pages with appropriate content edited for the web. By integrating flash, slideshows, or photo galleries, we make sure your site stands out.


We integrate the content and design with our Content Management System. Our CMS gives you power over the content with an easy-to-use text editor. We’re always available to edit your site or answer quick questions, but we strive to help you feel comfortable and in control of a user-friendly website.


Whether you simply need an online platform or an outlet to sell your products, we will develop a solution. Our e-commerce tools can provide a fully functioning shopping cart equipped to accept payment and calculate shipping and tax. We can send your customers where you want.

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A responsive web design is just the start of our partnership with you. We give you control of your website but never leave you stranded in the world wide abyss. We can take care of the technical stuff like hosting, maintenance, updating, and campaigning. In other words, we will be as involved as you would like.


We take each project seriously and personally. We become quite fond of our clients and take pride in seeing your website functioning as it was meant to. Launch day is just the beginning to keep you current. We’re ready to incorporate your look consistently across all marketing mediums and monitor its productivity.

Social Media

To help reach your audience in new ways, we can build brand loyalty and trust through social media. Word of mouth advertising can be a powerful advertising tool, holding an even stronger influence through the web. It’s time to get social. We can handle everything from initial setup to Facebook ads.

Review and Launch

Quality testing ensures all forms are working properly. We analyze all content, graphics, and images before launching the website. Our testing ensures your website works across all browser and operating systems without those annoying technological bugs.

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