Marketing & Branding

Your brand consists of your services and how your audience perceives your business. From your logo to the business card you hand out, all of your advertising materials should be working cohesively and clearly to establish the right image in the mind of your audience. Utilizing our designer’s skills, we offer high-level logo and identity development.

Corporate Identity

Your business identity is the first impression people will have of your company. Whether it’s strictly professional or shows a little more of your personality, everything with your name on it should be consistently sending a message to trust your brand.

Logo Development

How will your customers recognize and remember you? This visual representation is the first thing people will recall about your business. We design logos that are more than a mark; they speak to your audience and communicate your company message. A logo should build trust and be a recognizable emblem.


You know your business best, but we can help voice all that makes you stand out in the market with clear, concise copywriting. We understand people, marketing, and communication. Whether its web content or advertising copy, let us present your company in the best light possible with professional wordsmithing.

Collateral Advertising

There’s something about holding paper that creates an entirely different emotional connection than a screen. Understanding your advertising goals and choosing the right print vehicle is essential to getting the most out of your advertising dollar. We can create the correct pieces to display your brand.

Social Media

More than ever, social media has become an expectation for any organization, rather than an option. When your audience doesn’t turn to search engines, you better believe they look to social networks to connect with brands or search for information. Integrating social media with your website will connect you better with your audience and expand your reach. Let us help establish your social presence, handle social updates, and monitor your online persona, saving you valuable time and resources.


As easy as a “like,” or, not so easy. With the expectation of a social media identity comes the pressure of presenting a brand, engaging followers, and understanding proper social etiquette. Managing an account can become overwhelming, and we’re here with the knowledge to integrate Facebook with your website.


With over 225 million members, LinkedIn has become one of the most accessed social media sites. Through this network, you can build and engage with your professional audience and manage your business identity. Networking just became easier. Access greater insights, knowledge and opportunities.


YouTube has become a media marketing tool, and not just for overnight Internet sensations. If a video-based network makes sense with your business, brand, and target market, then it’s time to share your thread. Engage on a whole other level, and connect with your audience visually with videos, blogging, or tutorials.


Tweets aren’t only for the birds anymore. If you want a brand following then creating a social community through Twitter is one way to grow a flock and engage your audience. We can help establish your Twitter. We will also help you develop a strategy you can implement across all social networks.


Your social circles have moved beyond coffee dates and to the web. As one of the most popular search engines, your Google+ page allows you to connect with your audience and help them find you. Build a fan base that can rate, review, endorse, and share your content.


Pinterest is quickly becoming more than sharing craft and home improvement ideas. It’s a social community with an opportunity to interact with your audience. It’s a space where people are collecting and sharing things they love. Shouldn’t your product be there?

Online Advertising

Take a direct approach to promoting your organization by adding online advertising to your marketing mix. With traditional marketing routes, you find your audience and advertise to them. Online advertising pulls potential customers to your business and converts them to current customers through quality content.

Email Campaigns

Email marketing meets your audience where they are, literally. We can establish a mailing system through MailChimp. Then, we craft a design template and write a message for your email.

Google AdWords

Boost your website traffic and sales with Google AdWords. Because most of your audience will search online before visiting any business, make sure you’re at the top of the search results. Put your message in front of potential customers searching for your services.

Pay Per Click

Pay per click (PPC) allows you to pay for only the advertising that results in visits. Drive more traffic to your website no matter what search engine your customer chooses. Target your niche by showing up on the possible websites that your customer is visiting.