Information Technology

Many of our daily activities rely on technology. In-house technicians are expensive, leaving many companies to fall into a “fix it when it breaks” mentality. Whether you’re a large organization or a few desks operation, we can establish your working network to improve productivity and communication throughout the levels. We can keep things running smoothly from an emergency overhaul or to a quick fix.

Computer Repair and Support Services

If technology were 100 percent reliable, electronics would probably take over the world. Computers break down which may leave you pulling your hair out. When your computer is acting up or getting a little slow, we can provide full computer repair and support services. A proactive approach to caring for your devices is always best. We’re here to make sure your computers perform correctly.


Sometimes we wish computers could tell us how they’re feeling. But we can still communicate with them by using basic tests and by troubleshooting to identify the trouble spots. Whether it’s a hard drive issue or a virus, we will choose the best route to repair your computer.

Virus Removal

Just like we catch those annoying colds and illnesses, your computer will catch a bug or two even with the proper protection. Virus removal can detect, prevent, and remove computer viruses called malware, worms, adware, spyware, trojan horses, and others. We can repair both these bugs as well as operating system issues.

System Tune-Up

A good system tune-up keeps your computer running efficiently. Similar to your car care, fixing the wear and tear on your computer will keep it feeling healthy and running faster. Cleaning can include repairing hard drives, fixing Windows registries, and deleting excess or duplicated files.

Remote Support

Never leave home with our remote support that allows us to work directly on your computer with the power of the internet. We can safely and remotely control your computer for file sharing, file synchronization, and other quick fixes.

Hardware Installation

If you need to install any hardware, whether it’s an internal or external component, we can make sure it’s done correctly with just a few clicks. Skip the confusing manuals and have us install your new printer, scanner, RAM, hard drive, graphics card, or other software. We draw the line at kitchen appliances.

Data Recovery

Accidents happen, but don’t let a lost file evoke a cold sweat of panic. Data is rarely lost forever. We can recover lost or deleted files from your hard drive. We don’t wear superhero capes, but when your hard drive fails, we can usually swoop in to save the day and your information.

Networking and Security

Your internal communications system affects daily productivity. With the proper network infrastructure and instituted security, your computer network should connect and protect your business against unauthorized access. Established networking will also ensure employees can access necessary resources.

Servers & Data

Your company’s server holds a lot of responsibility as it responds to all requests across the computer network. It allows for the database, file, print, web, and mail sharing. We ensure your server will keep the organization connected. We can also provide a server for you.

Web Hosting

Our web hosting services maintain your website. We use only a reliable and safe server that keeps all files and data entirely in the United States. Have confidence that your website is securely stored and will always be accessible to your audience.

Backup & Storage

We can assist in backing up all your computer data to secure nothing will be lost in an accident or hard drive failure. Keep old files if you’re upgrading to a new device. We perform a computer to computer transfer or backup data to DVD.



The internet exposes computers and networks to harmful, unwanted material. Firewalls establish a safe barrier between secured and unsecured networks. Think of a safety net that will filter all incoming and outgoing traffic, allowing the acceptable to pass and flagging the unacceptable.


Encourage your employees to utilize their group potential with workstations. Workstations can run multi-user operating systems while connecting to the network. We can help better establish your network and connect file sharing opportunities.


You don’t have to be Big Brother watching, but you can be better prepared to monitor computer activity and prevent malicious software. We will establish a security and surveillance system that can eliminate security breaches, prevent access to certain websites or supervise staff emails, and data transfers.

Computer Hardware and Software

Computer hardware encompasses the physical component of your computer. Drives, disks, chips, keyboards, and monitors are all working inside. Hardware and software work together making it possible for you to type letter and surf the Internet. We understand this complex relationship so you don’t have to.

Computer Setup

Whether or not you purchase your computer with us, we can do a complete setup, saving you a headache and hassle. If starting from scratch sounds daunting, let us install anti-virus software and perform system updates. We can enable basic security functions as well as remove unwanted programs and trialware. We also test and verify your hardware and software.

Hardware Upgrades

As important as updating software is, hardware upgrades are just as essential. Updates keep your computer current so you won’t have to buy the newest computer model. Updating the RAM, hard drive, video card and processor, will improve performance, memory, graphics, and multitasking speed.

Operating Systems

The operating system is the backbone of your computer. Installing and updating the system will keep your computer purring. Critical Windows updates may go overlooked or a new system install. We can evaluate the needs of your device, install the necessary drivers, and test system functionality.

Remote Support Services