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Find answers to frequently asked questions (faq) here! You will also find generic hosting answers. Not sure about how we do what we do? Keep scrolling to find your answers. If answers to your questions aren’t found here, you can email us at For print and graphic design, email For social media,

How long will it take to build my site?

Each website project is accessed individually. However, our typical range for most clients is 3-4 months.

Can I view how many people are looking at my site?

Yes! Cybrac gives you access to AwStates where you can see its stats such as site views.

Can I log in to my website from my cell phone?

Yes! Anywhere you can access the internet securely you can also log in on your cell phone or mobile device.

How long has Cybrac been creating websites?

Our first website came into being in 2002! Since then we’ve raised the bar, attracting some amazing clients in the process.

What kind of businesses does Cybrac work with?

We work with a variety of clients, from one-man-shows to substantial businesses. However, our main client demographic includes small businesses with 5-25 employees.

Who will I work with during the project?

You will be working with our design staff. We typically assign one designer as your “design agent” who will be your contact for the current project as well as for future projects. But we do have several designers in the office who may work on various aspects of your project according to their skill sets.

A better question is actually “who will I not be working with?.” The answer is freelancers! Cybrac rarely hires outside workers to work on any of our projects. We care that you know and feel comfortable with your design agent. We also know that communication is essential to creating your vision which is why we use in person meetings and phone calls more than any other form of communication. Freelancers may not offer consistent means of communication so we will only hire them only in very specific circumstances.

When are your designers in the office?

Our designers work 9:00am to 5:00pm.

What platform do you build your websites on?

We use WordPress, a very well trusted and versatile platform that hosts the majority of sites on the internet. Please see this link for more details.

Do you work with other platforms like Joomla and Drupal?

We only use WordPress for all of our new website projects. Some of our earliest designs used MODX, so we can help you edit those websites. From time to time we’ve helped clients out with other platforms, but we are not experts on platforms besides WordPress.

Can you help me update my existing website?

Usually, yes. We pride ourselves on being great problem solvers. If your site was not built by us or was not built on a WordPress platform, we can usually still help you out. However, we like to discuss your needs and the specs of your existing website first.

Can you help me write the content for my website?

Yes! We have experience with copywriting along with some serious English skills that will help you look professional while giving your content clarity. We do require involvement from you on this process. We will still need some information from you such as your business hours, the basics of your services, your staff information, etc.

Can you help me find photos for my site?

Yes! We have access to several great libraries where we can obtain high-quality photos. We also have an internal library of photos and a camera if you need photos of something local.

What if Microsoft calls?

It is probably a scam. Microsoft does not call everyday computer users. Don’t believe what they tell you, don’t send them money, and don’t let them remote into your computer. If you feel pressured, simply tell them you would like to talk to your local IT technician.

What is Remote Support?

Remote means accessing your computer remotely through the internet via another location.

An IT technician will send you step-by-step instructions, then will temporarily “take control of” your computer. You will often see the mouse moving by itself. Cybrac offers remote support because many clients are unable to bring in their computers.

However, be wary of people on the phone asking you for permission to remotely connect to your computer. Scammers can damage your computer and steal your personal information if you give them permission. We always say, “If you can’t actually go up to them and shake their hand, don’t give them access to your computer!”

Is Remote Support safe?

Yes, if it is done by us, or a reputable IT technician. It is very hard to tell over the phone or through the internet if someone is reputable. Instead, go to your local Computer IT shop that has a good standing in your community.  We always say. “If you can’t actually go up to them and shake their hand, don’t give them access to your computer!”

How often should I update my computer?

You should update your computer at least every month. This will help keep your computer secure and running efficiently.

If you have questions about updating please call us at 712-476-5004.

How often should I scan my computer for viruses?

You should perform a scan once a month at the very least. Scanning more than once is recommended. Security is important in order to catch viruses early. The earlier you catch the virus, the more headaches you save down the road.

How often should I bring my computer to Cybrac?

We recommend at least once a year. Even if you are doing monthly updates and security scans, we will often find malware that was missed. We also offer a computer clean-up service that will keep your computer running faster. Many of our clients already bring us their computers once a year, and will often keep their computer working longer for having done so.

We’ve saved many clients large sums of money they would have spent on buying a new computer by servicing their computer, selling them a used computer, or making expert suggestions tailored to their specific needs.

What preventative care solutions do you provide?

We have two specific services: Cybrac Managed PC Health and Cybrac Managed Anti-Virus. Cybrac Managed PC Health combines 24×7 health checks with automatic updates and patches for stronger security. This service often prevents potential problems before they start. Cybrac Anti-Virus helps shield your identity and computer from malicious attacks by providing constant protection and email scans.

Should I talk to an IT technician before I buy a computer?

Yes. Most people skip this step because they don’t understand the variety of computer performance levels. Many people spend too much money on a computer that is fancier than what they need or buy a new computer due to their previous computer’s poor performance. You will feel better after you get informed advice. We sell both new and used computers regularly and have years of experience in matching clients with the right computers.

My computer stopped working and shows a blue screen. Should I be concerned?

Yes! The blue screen can be indicative of larger problems. Not to fear, just bring that computer to us to service. We should be able to cure “the blue screen of death” for you.

Do I need to bring my power cord when I bring in my computer?

If you have a laptop, yes.

Please do not if you are bringing in a desktop (also called a tower).

Can Cybrac help me back up my computer?

Yes! We can backup your computer using Cybrac’s Managed Back-up. Cybrac’s backup can keep all of your data safe in the event of a system failure.

Can you keep an eye on my computer?

Yes! Cybrac’s Managed PC Health service is an easy way of monitoring all vital components of your PC from hardware to antivirus.

Have questions about our PC Health service? Call us at 712-476-5004 or email us at


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